Representing the latest in cold formed steel truss design technology, KeyTruss is the “new kid on the block” that has suppliers of older, legacy truss systems looking over their shoulders.

That’s because the KeyTruss system incorporates the latest in 21st century construction technologies – automating and expediting processes at every stage of the construction lifecycle – from truss design, to fabrication, shipping, logistics, and installation.

KeyTruss is manufactured using the latest in sophisticated, computer-driven roll formers that are tightly integrated with our state-of-the-art software for bidding, designing, and engineering trusses.


The proof is in the product. KeyTruss – high quality, custom trusses that will save you money and make your life easier. Take a look at what KeyTruss can do for you:

KeyTruss for Designers

KeyTruss is supported by a comprehensive suite of software that provides designers with all the tools needed to quickly estimate, design, and engineer high quality roof and floor trusses. Software features and functions include:

KeyTruss for Fabricators
The unique features of KeyTruss are designed to save lots of time and lots of money at every stage of fabrication:

KeyTruss for Contractors / Installers
KeyTruss makes the job of contractors and installers easier and more efficient in a whole host of ways:

KeyTruss for Everyone
In addition to its unique qualities, KeyTruss has the basic features you’ve come to expect in a quality, pre-engineered, cold formed steel truss design. Keytruss:


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